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We are Efficient & Cost Effective Company thatSecure your Surroundings!

We have the efficient management system and Quiet professionals to perform every day and every time protection. We use the latest technology to protect our clients. Our verified guards prevent any kind of security threats.

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We have adequate skill in firefighting,explosive detection,traffic control,access management.They deploys according to and suitability their capability to various sites.We train them in communication skill and hospitality services were there required.

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We use advanced technology based types of equipment like metal detectors, and Door frame metal detectors communication types of equipment for event security.Also,offer cybersecurity audits for information/ data security for firms/companies.

Why Choose Us

Best In Security Guarding

You are safe with Secusiz. Our security officers and guards make an environment of safety that prevents any threats which arise from inside or outside, Our service keeps your business functions smooth that results your peace of mind. We have a regular feedback and support system for the clients.

Best In Electronic / Digital Security Systems

We trust in Technology. Our experts design and installing all kinds of digital security systems as video surveillance systems, CCTV Camera net work, Access Control systems, Attendance systems, All kinds of Alarms Systems, Video Door Phones, Home/ Office Automation etc.… for customized security solutions as per client's requirement.

Best In Security Auditing

As per the requirement of client, our team offers security surveys, analysis and assessments, standard operating procedures and security advices for sensitive site to prevent any unwanted threats/damages.

Unique Business Support

We offer pre-verification for employments. Company security includes data/information security by cyber auditing to prevent any type of security breach of an institution/company. Provides bouncers/body guards for special events and for celebrities. Also we have 24X7 business support services and skilled workers supply as per the clients requirement.

What We Offers

  • Security Guard services
  • Event Security Management
  • Bouncers/Body Guards
  • Electronic surveillance systems CCTV
  • All Digital Security Systems
  • Design,installation and maintenance
  • Industrial security & House Keeping Service
  • Company security including cyber auditing
  • HR management and Business support services

Are you looking for a Smart & Exective Protection?

We believe in serving you by providing affordable, smart and exective class security with the help of our well-trained professionals

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We have Awesome Skills

Secusiz Green

We have the new generation equipments and trained staff for housekeeping/ deep clean service. We ensure our green services which keep your premises hygienic. Attractive And positive. We offer our services to home, flats, malls, hotels, bars, restaurants, bakery, cool bars as quick/ daily weekly or monthly and yearly services as per requirement of clients.

Risk Assessment

We offer Special Security audit for detecting all kind security threats to Control/Prevent/Protect the loss/damages.

CCTV Systems

Our experts will reduce your unnecessary expenses during the designing/Installation of Digital Security Equipments, Our experts security views will reduce your expense and met the actual needs. We also provide maintenance facilities n affordable charges. Both our Physically And Technically Integrated security solutions Keep Your Business premises Safe.

Secusiz Green
Risk Assessment
Cctv Systems

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